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How Do I Qualify For Free eFile In The State Of New York?

How do I qualify for free efile in the State of New York?

Don’t want to pay for efiling your New York state tax forms? You may qualify for a free way to file these forms. There are several companies that list the ways to become eligible and they all have their own individual qualifications. Let’s take a look at some of the qualifications they may have.


While you’re looking around at companies that offer free New York state tax forms, be careful to choose one you can actually use. If one company restricts you because you don’t qualify, try another. They often will have different qualifications.

Some places that offer free New York state tax forms require you to be 25 years or younger to file. Yet others also offer 65 years or older. However, you may be able to find a place that offers the forms if you’re 51 or younger.

Are you currently active duty in the military? Then you probably automatically qualify for the free New York state tax forms. Many of these places like to offer those in the military for their service. However, you may find some have an Adjusted Gross Income cap. Much of the time it’s around $58,000 or so.

Perhaps you didn’t make all that much money in the previous tax year. Some places that offer free New York state tax forms will give you them if you qualify for the Earned Income Credit. You may also run into some that just need you to make less than $31,000.

Hopefully you can find a company that has the exact categories you require. If so, you can use them to fill out your free New York state tax forms!

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