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How to file tax extensions in Missouri

The 2012 income tax returns for residents of the Show-Me State are due by April 15 (for calendar year filers).

The state of Missouri will grant you an automatic six-month tax extension if you need more time to file, extending your filing due date to Oct. 15.

You do not need to file a state tax extension request if you do not expect to have any additional state income tax due or if you expect to get a state tax refund. If you have a valid federal tax extension (and you owe zero tax or anticipate a refund) the Missouri Department of Revenue will automatically grant you a corresponding state tax extension. If you did not get a federal extension, you can request a Missouri extension using Tax Form MO-60 (see below).

On the other hand, if you want to request a Missouri tax extension and you expect to owe state income tax, you should file Missouri Tax Form MO-60 (Application for Extension of Time to File).

Make sure to submit Form MO-60 with your tax payment by the original filing deadline (April 15th) to avoid incurring penalties and interest charges.

Mail Form MO-60 to the following address:
Missouri Department of Revenue, PO Box 3400. Jefferson City, Missouri 65105-3400

Here are some online resources for residents of The Show-Me State:

  • Missouri Department of Revenue website.
  • File your personal income tax extension online.

>> The following is a list that we've compiled of tax extension rules by states.


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