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How Do I Pay Estimated Tax Payments to the IRS?

Paying the IRS isn’t fun, but unfortunately it is something we all have to do, and especially around tax season. The good news is that the IRS has finally made it as easy to make Estimated Tax Payments quickly, free and online with IRS Direct Pay.

Whether you need to pay estimated tax payments throughout the year, or you just filed an extension but expect a balance to be owed and you wish to pay the estimated balance, or at least a portion of it, Direct Pay is a simple, free online tool that’s readily available for all individual taxpayers ready to pay their federal income tax obligations to the IRS.

Make a payment to the IRS for individual income taxes by following this 3 step guide.


Visit IRS Direct Pay, select the type of estimated tax payment you want to make.

To navigate to there from >Select ‘Make a Payment’

Step 1 make a payment

On the next screen> Select ‘Pay Now With Direct Pay’

Step 1 make a payment 02

When on Direct Pay > Select ‘Make a Payment’

Step 1 direct pay with bank details

Note: This is important step so ensure that you select the correct form, the selection will direct the IRS where to apply the payment on your tax record.

If you are paying an estimated tax payment for the current tax year:

You will select ‘Estimated Tax’. ‘The Year’ you select will typically be the current tax year you are in, as you are intending to pay your estimated tax payments for the income you are earning currently. This payment will be reflected and accounted for when you prepare your taxes, next year, during tax season. The example below is for the first quarter of taxes in 2024.

Step 1 estimated taxes

If you have filed an extension to prepare your taxes, that is fine, the return will typically now be due October 15th, six months after the original return was due. However, the taxes you owe are still due by tax day (typically April 15th), and need to be paid in order to avoid any late payment penalties and/or interest.

If you are paying an estimated tax payment at time of extension:

You will select ‘Extension’ as the reason for payment and the year would reflect the year the extension was filed for (last year).

Step 2

Verify Your Identity

Tax Year for Verification > Typically select the last year a return was filed

Filing Status > Select the filing status you filed with on the Tax Year that the verification was selected

Enter the following information:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Tax ID Number (SSN/ITIN)
  • DOB
  • Address

Step 2 verify identity

Step 2 verify identity 02

Step 3

Enter Your Payment Information

You will need to confirm the following:

  • Payment Amount
  • Payment Date
  • Account Type: Checking or Savings
  • Routing and Account Number(s)

Complete and select submit payment, That’s it. Your taxes are paid…until next time. What a sweet and sour feeling, huh!?


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