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Steps for e-filing your taxes online for free

Steps for e-filing your taxes online for free

If you want to e-file your taxes online for free, there are several steps that you must be willing to take. Fortunately, these are simple to follow no matter who you are or how much tax experience you have. The steps for e-filing your taxes online for free can easily be completed in a short period of time.

Here are four basic steps to follow if you are interested in electronically filing your tax return, free of charge:

1. Gather all the proper information

Just because you are filing online does not mean that you can do without the right details. You still need all your income information, along with receipts for tax deductions, tax credits, and anything else that may help minimize your tax liability. By collecting all this information beforehand, it makes the e-filing process go more smoothly

2. Choose an e-file option

With more than one way to e-file your taxes free online, you need to be careful about which option you choose. One method to consider is the use of tax preparation software. Many software companies offer free tax filing software, complete with a free e-file system.

Another method to consider is the IRS Free File program. The IRS has teamed up with the Free File Alliance LLC to offer free e-filing to taxpayers who meet the proper requirements.

3. Begin to fill out your tax forms

No matter how you are e-filing your taxes, through online software or the IRS’ Free File program, at some point you will need to get started on your tax return. At this time, you will reference the information that you gathered in the first step of this e-file process. It is important that all the information you include on your e-filed return is 100% accurate.

4. E-file your tax return

When all is said and done, you can electronically submit your tax return (with payment) to the IRS. Since you are doing so using the e-file feature, you won’t need an envelope or postage stamp. Instead, one click of your mouse will forward your e-filed return to the proper department. Along with this, you will receive a confirmation via email so you know for sure that your return was received and is being processed online.

By following these steps, you may be one of the many taxpayers who get to e-file their taxes online for free. Submitting your return online can save you time and money, although you must also be cautious of e-filing tax scams.

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