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What is my state tax refund status?

What is my state tax refund status?

If you are worried or just curious about your state tax refund status, there are steps you can take to check on its whereabouts. If you’ve ever checked your federal tax refund status, it’s roughly the same thing. If not, don’t worry, I’ll walk you through it.

What Do I Need?

There are two things you really need. One is some information from your tax form. The other is a place to enter the information.

What do you need from your tax form?

–         Your Social Security Number

–         The exact amount of the refund you’re expecting

Why do you need the exact amount? The tax office will need that information for further verification that it’s really you asking about your tax refund status. Also, it helps them find your return more easily. Make sure it’s the EXACT amount, down to the very last dollar. If not, they won’t be able to verify your tax refund status.

Now you need somewhere to enter the information. You can either call or go online and enter it into a form. The best place to find both is to look up your state’s tax office online.

What Now?

After locating your state’s tax website, we need to find a link for the tax refund status. Some have it on the front page. Look for ‘Where’s My Refund?’ or ‘Check on Refund Status.’ If that doesn’t yield results, check for ‘Online Services.’ Those links should be in there.

If you’d rather call, look for a link on the page called ‘Contact Us.’ It also might be under ‘About Us.’ Give them a call and ask for the right office or extension.

If you’re entering the info in the website, fill out the form and hit ‘Submit.’ Check again the refund amount is the same as on your tax form.

Either way, you should find out your state tax refund status soon!

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