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When Your State Tax Refund Will Arrive

When Your State Tax Refund Will Arrive

If you’re worried where your state tax refund status is, there are a few ways to check. Make sure you have your state tax return in front of you for reference.

Each state is different, from the types of taxes that are imposed to the manner in which refunds are issued. While checking your Federal tax refund status is easy and can be found in one central location, the state tax refund process is much different.

You should first identify your state’s taxing agency — it’s usually referred to as the Department of Revenue or the Tax Administration Division. Then you’ll want to visit your state’s Department of Revenue website to find information about your tax refund. On the state website, look for a link that says “Where’s My Refund?” or “Refund Status.” While most states have this featured on the main homepage, some websites may have these links under a tab/page labeled “Online Services” or “E-Services.” A little poking around the website should yield results. 

What Now?

Before you begin the searching process, make sure you know the exact dollar amount you’re supposed to receive as a tax refund. Double-check that you’re using the refund amount from your state tax return and not your Federal return.  You need the exact amount of your refund to match up with what’s reported on your tax return in order to check your state tax refund status. You should also have your Social Security Number (SSN) handy.

Enter your information into the appropriate fields on the state tax website and click “Enter” or “Submit.” You should get a message that informs you of your current state tax refund status, or lets you know how long it will be before you can check on your refund status. Hopefully, it won’t be too long! Note that the waiting period will probably be longer the closer you filed to the April 15 deadline.

Additionally, if you filed your taxes by paper mail (as opposed to e-file) there will be a longer wait to check your state tax refund status. Filing electronically (“e-filing”) saves time for both you and the state tax department. Take this into consideration before you inquire about your state tax refund status — they are most likely very busy! 

If you’re not tech-savvy or you’d just rather talk to a live person, the state website should also have a phone number for you to call to check your tax refund status. If it’s not under the Tax Refunds section, look for a link labeled “Contact Us” or “About Us” on their website. This should give you a phone number to call. Just tell the representative you want to check on your state tax refund status and they can connect you with the right office.

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