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Nevada State Taxes

The State of Nevada does not impose an individual income tax or a corporate income tax.

Nevada’s sales/use tax rate is 6.85%. Sales tax applies to the sale, transfer, lease, rental, use and consumption of goods in the state. Nevada also participates in the Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Agreement, which aims to simplify and improve sales/use tax administration across state lines.

Property taxes are administered on the local level by county assessors and treasurers. For more information about property tax, contact your local assessor’s office.

Nevada State Tax Forms

Form APP-01 (Nevada Business Registration)
Form TXR-01 (Sales and Use Tax Return)
Form TXR-02 (Consumer Use Tax Return)
Form APP-02 (Application for Sales/Use Tax Exemption)

Nevada State Tax Resources

Nevada Department of Taxation:

Department of Taxation, Nevada Tax Commission:

Find Nevada tax forms:

NevadaTax ? File, Register & Pay Online:

Sales/Use Tax Rate Map (by Nevada county):

Contact the Nevada Department of Taxation:

Department of Taxation, Division of Assessment Standards (property tax information):

Links to property tax assessor’s offices (by Nevada county):

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