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Nebraska State Taxes

The individual income tax in Nebraska is imposed at the following rates:

  • 2.56% on the first $2,400 of taxable income
  • 3.57% on taxable income between $2,401 and $17,500
  • 5.12% on taxable income between $17,501 and $27,000
  • 6.84% on taxable income of $27,001 or more

The state sales/use tax has a rate of 5.5%.

Nebraska imposes a corporation income tax at a rate of 5.58% on the first $100,000 of taxable income. For income over $100,000, the tax rate is 7.81%.

Nebraska State Tax Forms

Form 1040N (Nebraska Individual Income Tax Return)
Form 1040NS (Resident Income Tax Return ‘ Short Form)
Form 1040N-ES (Nebraska Individual Estimated Income Tax Payment Vouchers)
Form 1040N-V (Nebraska Individual Income Tax Payment Voucher)
Form 1040XN (Amended Nebraska Individual Income Tax Return)
Form 3 (Nebraska and Local Individual Consumer’s Use Tax Return)
Form 1120N (Nebraska Corporation Income Tax Return)

Nebraska State Tax Resources

Nebraska Department of Revenue:

Nebraska Revenue ‘Individual Income Tax Payments’ (make a payment online):

NebFile ? Individual Income Tax Electronic Filing (free e-filing):

Check the status of your Nebraska state tax refund:

Nebraska Revenue ‘Business Electronic Tax Payments’ center:

NebFile (e-filing) for Businesses:

Current Nebraska tax forms:

Nebraska Tax Calendar:

Nebraska Department of Revenue, Property Assessment Division:

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