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Minnesota State Taxes

There are a number of major taxes imposed in Minnesota by the Department of Revenue, including individual income tax, sales and use tax, and corporation franchise tax. Property taxes, on the other hand, are administered on the local government level.

Minnesota State Tax ? Individual Income Tax

Minnesota’s individual income tax is imposed at the following rates:

  • 5.35% on the first $22,730 of taxable income
  • 7.05% on taxable income between $22,731 and $74,650
  • 7.85% on taxable income of $74,651 or more

You must file a Minnesota individual income tax return if your gross income is $9,350 or more (for single filers under age 65), or $18,700 or more (for married joint filers, both under age 65). Returns, with payment of tax, are due by April 15th.

Minnesota State Tax ? Corporation Franchise Tax

Minnesota’s corporation franchise tax is imposed at a rate of 9.8% on the net income of corporations doing business in the state.

Minnesota State Tax ? Sales & Use Tax

The state’s general sales and use tax rate is 6.875% (a rate that took effect July 1, 2009) that applies to the retail sales of taxable goods and services in Minnesota. Additional local sales/use taxes are also imposed in counties and cities.

Minnesota State Tax ? Property Tax

Property taxes are assessed and collected by local governments. For specific information about property tax, contact your local tax assessor.

Minnesota State Tax Forms

Form M1 (Individual Income Tax Return)
Form M14 (Individual Estimated Tax Payment)
Form M1X (Amended Minnesota Income Tax Return)
Schedule M1NR (Minnesota Income of Nonresidents and Part-Year Residents)
Form M13 (Income Tax Extension Payment)
Form M4 (Corporation Franchise Tax Return)

Minnesota State Tax Resources

Minnesota Department of Revenue:

Current year state tax forms, instructions, and worksheets:

Minnesota Department of Revenue ‘e-Services’ for individuals and businesses:

Check the status of your Minnesota state tax refund online:

Contact the Minnesota Department of Revenue:

Minnesota Association of Assessing Officers:

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