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Where Can I Pick Up Tax Forms Near Me

Whether you’re running out of time or simply running out of printer ink, there are plenty of places to snag income tax forms in your town.

Post Office
Even if you have a tax office nearby there’s really no reason to go stand in line there just to get the income tax forms you need. Head to your local post office and locate your necessary income tax forms there. Usually, they have a standee available for walk-ins to grab whatever they need, and better yet, it’s generally located in the lobby so you can run in and out. Just don’t go during lunchtime, as the post office is somewhat crowded with people rushing there to do their normal post office business during their lunch hour.

If the post office is a no go or they’ve simply run out of income tax forms, head to your local library. Not just public libraries, either; university and sometimes even high school libraries will often carry income tax forms.

I’ve often found the library has the most complete set of income tax forms. The librarians will have more time to help you locate the correct income tax forms you need, too. But watch out, sometimes, they split up incomes tax forms and their instructions. Make sure to grab both!

In the Mail
Stuck at home? That’s fine, you can get you income tax forms sent to your house! The only difference is you need to actually order them now instead of them being an automatic gift from the IRS. Simply head to their website and fill out the form to get your 1040 or whichever income tax forms you need in the mail within 7-10 business days. Or, if you prefer, simply print your required income tax forms out on your home computer.

Tax Office
The last resort. If you simply can’t find the income tax forms you need anywhere else then head to the tax office. Take a number and wait to receive your income tax forms. The only real advantage to visiting the tax office is if you don’t know what form to get, there’s no better place to find out.

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