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IRS Electronic Payment Options

Looking to pay off your taxes?

The IRS has given you several options.

In fact, they’ve even streamlined the process so you can pay taxes with a credit card. It’s literally never been easier to get that tremendous debt off your mind in one step. Let’s take a look at the different options you have available to you.

Credit Card

In the past, many people have asked themselves, “Can you pay taxes with a credit card?” Well, now the answer is a resounding yes. You can use any card you want to pay off your debt. You simply use one of the e-pay service providers listed at the IRS website. They can tell you how to pay taxes with a credit card. Also, if you used a tax preparation service, they may have a way for you to pay taxes with a credit card through them. If this is the case, ask away. No matter who you use there will be a small one-time fee. Typically, this is around 2.5% of your total, give or take a percent or so. There’s one small upside to when you pay taxes with a credit card. Often, you’ll receive rewards for doing this. They can be Skymiles or even points towards merchandise. Sometimes, it’s even cash back!

Debit Card

If you happen to have the funds already in your bank account, then congrats! You can probably breathe a little easier than the rest of us. You can also choose to use your debit card to pay your taxes. While you don’t get any rewards, you also don’t run the risk of getting hit with major interest. The providers you can use to pay your taxes with a debit card are more limited than if you pay taxes with a credit card. The IRS has a small list of companies you can go through. If you’re worried about bigger fees for this, don’t. They are still average out at around 2.5%.

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