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Washington DC Tax Extension

The District of Columbia will grant you a six-month state tax extension if you submit a valid extension request by the original filing deadline (April 15).

To apply for a DC tax extension, submit District of Columbia Tax Form FR-127 (Extension of Time to File a DC Income Tax Return) to the DC Office of Tax and Revenue.

If you have a balance of state income tax due, it must be paid with your tax extension request by the original filing due date (April 15) to avoid incurring penalties and interest.

If you expect to have no state income tax due when you file your state tax return (Form D-40), you are not required to submit a Form FR-127 as long as you have paid your state income tax for that year (through withholding or estimated tax payments) and you have filed a Federal tax extension application (IRS Tax Form 4868) with the Internal Revenue Service.

A properly filed Federal tax extension, along with a paid state income tax balance means that you do not have to file Form FR-127 in order to receive a DC state tax extension.

Here are some online resources for residents of the Nation’s Capital:

  • District of Columbia Office of Tax and Revenue website.
  • File your personal income tax extension online.

>> For more information on tax extensions, here is a list that we’ve compiled of tax extension rules by states.

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