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How to file tax extensions in New Mexico

Income tax returns for residents of the Land of Enchantment are due by April 15.

However, to get a state tax extension you must file an application of time to file with the New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Department by the original due date.

The state of New Mexico acknowledges the federal tax extension (IRS Tax Form 4868), so if you have a valid federal tax extension — and you file/pay your state tax return by the new extended deadline set forth by the IRS (Oct. 15) — you do not need to submit a separate New Mexico extension application. The New Mexico Tax Form RPD-41096 (Application for Extension of Time to File) is used to request a state tax extension.

Fill out this form and mail it to the following address:
Taxation and Revenue Department, PO Box 630, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87504-0630

If you are making a tax payment with your extension request, you will also need to submit New Mexico Tax Form PIT-EXT (Personal Income Tax Extension Payment Voucher).

This voucher should be mailed to the following address:
New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Department, PO Box 8390, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87504-8390

Here are some online resources for residents of New Mexico:

  • New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Department website.
  • File your personal income tax extension online.

>> The following is a list that we've compiled of tax extension rules by states.


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