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Colorado State Taxes

Colorado State Tax ? Individual Income Tax

Individual income tax is imposed at a flat rate of 4.63% on residents of Colorado, part-year residents who received taxable income while living in Colorado, and nonresidents earning income from Colorado sources. Tax returns are due by April 15th.

Colorado State Tax ? Corporate Income Tax

Corporate income tax is imposed at a flat rate of 4.63%. It applies to the Colorado taxable income of corporations doing business in the state.

Colorado State Tax ? Sales & Use Tax

Colorado imposes a state sales and use tax rate of 2.9% on tangible personal property. Many localities (counties and cities) also impose their own sales/use taxes on transactions that take place within their borders.

Colorado State Tax ? Property Tax

Property tax is a local tax, assessed and collected by local governments, and overseen by the State Division of Property Taxation. The revenue collected from property tax helps finance cities, towns, schools, fire and police departments, roads, and other local/public services.

Colorado State Tax Forms

Form 104 (Colorado Individual Income Tax Return)
Form 104X (Amended Colorado Individual Income Tax Return)
Form 104EP (Estimated Income Tax Payment Vouchers)
Form 104PN (Part-Year Resident/Nonresident Tax Calculation Schedule)
Form DR 1581 (Extension Payment Voucher for Colorado Individual Income Tax)
Form 112 (Colorado State C Corporation Income Tax Return)
Form DR 0252 (Consumer Use Tax Return)

Colorado State Tax Resources

Colorado Department of Revenue Division of Taxation:

Colorado Tax Forms:

Colorado Division of Taxation ‘Online Portal’ (for refunds, payments, tax owed):

‘Understanding Property Taxes in Colorado’ brochure:

Colorado Division of Property Taxation:

The Official State Web Portal:

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