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How to file tax extensions in Arkansas

If you were approved for a federal income tax extension, Arkansas automatically grants you a six-month state income tax extension. However, if you need to make a payment for state taxes owed, you will need to submit that with Arkansas Tax Form AR1000ES by the original filing deadline.


eFile an IRS Tax Extension

Extend your tax filing deadline by 6 months. Quick & easy process that takes 5 minutes to complete.

Form AR1000ES includes “Voucher 5” for making a payment with your tax extension. However, Voucher 5 must be submitted with your payment and a copy of your federal tax extension, IRS Tax Form 4868.

If you did not file a federal income tax return, you can file the Arkansas state tax extension form by itself.

Here are some online resources for Arkansas residents:

  • Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration website.
  • File your personal income tax extension online.

>> We've compiled a list of where to go for each state if you need a little bit more time on your taxes.



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