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How to File a Tax Extension for Your Business Online

It happens to the best of businesses. One day, you’re rocking along on your taxes. The next, your receipts are missing and your business partners forget important write-offs. You need to find out how to file a tax extension electronically!

But how do you go about doing it? Is there a simple option for someone who’s never had to file a tax extension electronically before? If you don’t know how to file a tax extension online then we’re here to help.

One easy way to file for a extensión de impuestos sobre actividades empresariales is to use a tax extension service. One we can recommend is FileLater. Tax extension services can file everything you need in one easy step.

Do you know which form you need to file? Are you in a partnership or multi-partner LLC? Perhaps you’re in a single owner LLC. All of these options mean different things for your tax extension filing. Some even mean you may not have to file a separate business tax extension at all!

Knowing all this, using a service like FileLater can help you figure out exactly what to do. This prevents any problems that could arise from misfiling or sending in the wrong information.

Free Options?
You may have heard there are free options available to file your tax extension online yourself. While this is true, consider the array of pitfalls listed above. If you were to try this yourself, would you file correctly?

Another thing to think about is the fact that you’re filing for a tax extension and not a payment extension. What’s that mean? While the time you get to file your taxes is extended, the time you have to pay on your taxes is not. This means you need to send in a payment of your estimated taxes when you file your tax extension electronically.

A service like FileLater can help you with this process as well. They offer tax calculators and options to submit your payments when you file your tax extension electronically.

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