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  • January 25, 2012

    The IRS grants tax extensions by submitting Form 4868. ...

  • March 23, 2011

    You can order copies from several vendors on the market. One trusted business that provides this service is called

  • March 23, 2011

    You may be able to negotiate a payment plan. Learn more about IRS Tax Debt Relief.

    How can I do my...
  • March 23, 2011

    The IRS publishes a chart that shows the earliest your refund will be direct deposited or mailed to you.

    Please keep in mind that this chart assumes the following:

  • March 16, 2011

    If you meet certain income and residency requirements, you can have your taxes prepared and submitted electronically for free. To see if you qualify, read the ...

  • February 18, 2011

    You are entitled to a free copy of your credit report from each of the three national consumer reporting companies every 12 months.

    Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)

    United States federal law requires that consumer reporting agencies...

  • February 16, 2011
    Signing Your Electronic Tax Return

    All electronically filed tax returns must now be signed using a Personal Identification Number (PIN). A PIN is any five digits you choose (except all zeros) to use as your electronic signature. Benefits of e-...

  • September 1, 2010

    The Wyoming Department of Revenue has 6 main divisions:

    Ad Valorem Tax Division Excise Tax Division Information Technology Division Mineral Tax Division Administrative Services Division Liquor Division

    There is no individual income...

  • September 1, 2010

    Most major state taxes are administered by the Wisconsin Department of Revenue, except property taxes which are local levies.

    Wisconsin State Tax ? Individual Income Tax

    The individual income tax is Wisconsin’s...

  • September 1, 2010

    The individual income tax in West Virginia is imposed at the following rates:

    3% on the first $10,000 of taxable income 4% on taxable income between $10,001 and $25,000 4.5% on taxable income between $25,001 and $40,000 6% on taxable...