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¿Cuándo puedo presentar una extensión de impuestos?

If you need to file a federal tax extension form you may be wondering exactly when you can send it in. You may think you can only send a federal tax extension form in to the IRS at certain times. However, you may be surprised to find out what the rule really is.

When To File The rule for your taxes is generally to file as soon as possible. This prevents problems with missing deadlines and delays in your refund. The IRS will be much less busy in the early months of the tax season. The longer you wait, the more returns they have to go through. If you wait too long, yours can get lost in the mix with the thousands upon thousands of others filing at the same time. The same rule applies for filing a federal tax extension form. The sooner you file, the quicker you can set your mind at ease the IRS got it and there will be no problems. You will get the notification you filed successfully and can then take the six months to finish your taxes.

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Late Filing However, you may not realize you need to file your federal tax extension form until closer to the end of the tax season. Often, you’ll find out you’re missing important documents or it’s taking way too long to finish in time. In this case, you may wonder if you can file after the April 15th deadline. Unfortunately, if you miss this deadline, you cannot file for your federal tax extension form. Getting the federal tax extension form into the IRS in time is crucial. After the date passes, you’re liable to experience even more fines, delays and audits than before. Even though you do get hit with interest on taxes owed when you file a federal tax extension form, this amount is much less than if you don't get the tax extension form into the IRS at all.

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