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¿Por qué el monto de mi reembolso de impuestos de Virginia es diferente de lo que calculé?

Why is my Virginia Tax Refund Amount Different from What I Calculated?

When you get the money from your VA tax refund status you may be in for a bit of a shock. The amount you calculated for your return may not be what you get in the mail. How is that possible? There are actually a few reasons this might happen.

You Miscalculated
The simplest answer for getting a different amount of money from your VA tax refund status is you calculated wrong. Considering one small mistake can mess the rest of your return up, it’s easy to see how this could happen. Even a tiny slip near the end of your return can mean you get excited for nothing.

Even worse, these slip-ups can cost you fees. This means your VA tax refund status is even more different than you thought. A $200 refund could quickly drop down to $100 or below!

You Forgot Documents
Another big slip-up that can cost you money off your VA tax refund status is forgetting important receipts or documents with your tax return. Not only can this lead to an audit from your tax office, it could mean the amount you expected from your VA tax refund status will be much lower than you thought.

Again, these types of slip-ups could lead to fines. The tax office might think you are making things up on your tax forms which will get you into big trouble. Almost in no time you’d see your VA tax refund status dwindle away.

You Were Garnished
Have you missed payments from student loans? Then you might end up with a much smaller check from your VA tax refund status than you thought. How about alimony or child support? Missing these kinds of payments might mean you’ll get a nasty shock when it comes to your VA tax refund status funds.

Not all money owed can be used against you when it comes to your VA tax refund status. However, major payments like those listed or even back taxes owed can mean bad news for you after you file.

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