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Married Filing Jointly: Do both spouses need to file a tax extension?

Married Filing Jointly: Do both spouses need to file a tax extension?

When filling out your tax extension form, you may wonder if you and your spouse need to fill out your own forms. In fact, you more than likely do not if you’re filing jointly. Here is a handy guide for what to do on your 2010 tax extension form if you are filing this way.

Qué hacer Part One of the tax extension form 2010 is for Identification. There are two separate boxes in this section for Social Security Numbers (SSN). The first SSN is for the main filer of the tax extension form 2010. They would also be the main filer for the tax form. For example, if you are the one that makes the most income for your household, you should be the one to fill out the form. Thus, your SSN should go in the first box of the tax extension form 2010. Your spouse’s SSN would then go in the next box.

Income Tax The next section on the form is for your income tax. Since you’re filing as married filing jointly, you’ll need to calculate both you and your spouse’s income tax. You would then put this info in Part Two of the 2010 tax extension form. Make sure you then file as married filing jointly when you do finish your taxes. Any discrepancy can cause big problems with your tax return. This can result in fines and further interest compounded when it comes time to pay your taxes. So make sure your tax extension and your tax return match up in every possible way.

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