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How to Get Your Federal Tax Refund as Quickly as Possible

How to Get Your Federal Tax Refund as Quickly as Possible

We’d all like to be done with taxes as quickly as possible. It’s not just about the hassle, either. It’s always nice to go ahead and get the money we’re owed from the IRS. But how can you guarantee you’ll get your federal refund status up to date as soon as you can?

Luckily, there are several things you can do to expedite your federal tax refund status.

Instant Refund
The fastest way to update your federal refund status so as to get your money quickly is through an instant refund. Many tax preparers will assist you with this for a fee. Because it costs money, though, you won’t get quite as much as you would normally. However, if you need the money fast, it’s the best way to go.

First, make sure you have all your information together. Don’t forget that last W-2 or the receipts you need to itemize deductions. Having everything together will help avoid problems when you go in to get your refund status. Any issues can delay your federal refund status.

Take all your paperwork to the tax preparer you’ve picked out. One example is H&R Block. They have their own bank so they can basically expedite your federal tax refund status by loaning you the money. Again, this costs a fee, but your money will be in your hands instantly.

After you and your tax preparer finish finding your federal refund status, tell them you want it instantly. They will begin the steps to deduct the fee and get you your money that day. Often, it will be through a debit card. After it’s loaded, they will receive your refund from the IRS. Thus, they are paid back, and you owe nothing more.

Other Ways
Instead of going the instant refund route, you can simply get all your info in to the IRS quickly. This way you can get all the money you’re owed on your refund status without any fees.

The important thing here is to get your W-2s as fast as you can. Contact your employer to get them fast. Then grab the forms you need and e-file quickly. Sending in your forms through the mail will delay your federal refund status more than e-filing.

The general rule is the faster you file, the faster your federal refund status is updated and you get your money. Not just for obvious reasons, either. The longer you wait, the more the IRS will be backed up with other returns. This will delay your federal refund status, meaning you’ll have to wait longer for your money.

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