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What to Do If You Can’t File Your Taxes by April 17th

Is time running out for you and your taxes? If that big date is looming over your head like a boulder, then it may be time to do something about it. Is there anything you can do, though? If you just let your taxes go through the due date without doing anything about them, you’re going to hit big trouble with the IRS. Instead of doing that, you should try and file an IRS tax extension!

Aren’t Tax Extensions Difficult? For some reason, tax extensions have a reputation for being difficult to file. However, this is not the case at all. The tax extension form is one of the easiest and shortest the IRS has to offer. It’s just a few lines of personal information. After filling that simple information in, you must figure out an estimated amount of tax due. Even if the process is difficult, there are tax service companies that will do it for you. One such company is FileLater. They can process your IRS tax extension form, help you figure your tax estimate, and even assist you in submitting your payment.

What Does a Tax Extension Cover? A tax extension doesn't just cover your federal taxes. You can also use the process to get a state tax extension. In fact, many states will automatically give you an extension when you are approved for an IRS tax extension. This can really set your mind at ease when you just can’t seem to get everything in order. On top of that, if you own a business, you can file for a business tax extension as well. Whether you own a partnership or a single owner LLC, you can use the tax extension process to get more time to collect info and figure out your status.

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