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Can I File a 2015 Return If I Haven’t Filed My 2014 Return Yet?

Lets start with the basic answer. Yes you can file your 2015 return without having filed your 2014 return. There is no rule or law preventing you from doing this.

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There are a few things to note. It is likely best to prepare your 2014 return first, if possible. Here are the advantageous to doing so:

  • When you start your 2015 return you’ll be able to transfer your 2014 data. This saves time and helps prevent any errors in entering the data again.
  • You’ll have also have the answers to certain program questions that involved last year’s return. Having this correct information helps you avoid having to amend your return if you answered them incorrectly.

Again if you are not able to file your 2014 return before filing your 2015 taxes, it’s ok.

Note: You will want to make sure you review your 2015 return after you’ve filed your 2014 return. If you need to make corrections based on your 2014 you may need to amend.

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