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Wyoming State Taxes

Wyoming State Taxes

The Wyoming Department of Revenue has 6 main divisions:

  • Ad Valorem Tax Division
  • Excise Tax Division
  • Information Technology Division
  • Mineral Tax Division
  • Administrative Services Division
  • Liquor Division

There is no individual income tax in Wyoming. The WY Department of Revenue also does not impose tax on intangible assets/property (e.g., stocks and bonds) or retirement income received from another state.

Wyoming has a State sales tax rate of 4%, with an additional local County option tax of 1%. The ‘use tax’ is a component of the sales tax, and it is imposed on goods bought tax-free outside the state and brought into Wyoming for use. Use tax can be paid with Form 14 (Wyoming Consumer Use Tax Return).

There is no corporate income tax in Wyoming.

Property taxes are administered locally and based on the assessed value of property (a.k.a. taxable value). Taxable value refers to a percentage of the property’s fair market value, based on which class the property falls into:

  • [A] Gross product of minerals and mine products ? 100%
  • [B] Property used for industrial purposes ? 11.5%
  • [C] All other property, real and personal ? 9.5%

Wyoming State Tax Resources

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