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7 Warning Signs VA State Will Audit Your Tax Return

7 Warning Signs VA State Will Audit Your Tax Return
Is there a way to predict if you’re going to be slammed with an audit by the Virginia tax office? There are in fact a few ways to see it coming in advance. Here are the top seven warnings that you’re going to have a delay on your VA tax refund status money.

1. You Owe Taxes
Still paying your taxes from last tax season? Maybe you forgot a few payments? Then look forward to an audit. Your VA tax refund status funds can be delayed for a long time or perhaps permanently if you owe enough. It might even lead to more fees and interest accrued.

2. There Are Misspellings
Proving even the smallest thing can give you a big headache, even simple misspellings can mark you for an audit. Make sure you check your name, your address, even your Social Security Number. Any goof on these could lead to a delay on your VA tax refund status.

3. You Missed Paperwork
Did you remember to include all your receipts? The tax office requires you to send in everything with your tax return. They need to prove you actually did everything you said you did. This can be especially true with deductions like education costs. A major delay with your VA tax refund status funds could be coming.

4. You Deal in Cash
If your business is cash based or you mainly deal with cash (like tips) at your work, your tax return could be hit by an audit. This could lead to a delay in your VA tax refund status if you’re not careful. Make sure all your information is in order and you don’t fudge results.

5. You Filed Early or Late
Tax workers have quotas for their audits. This means they need to randomly check for problems on tax returns. Even if there are no warning flags! If you file too early, then you may get flagged for an audit just at random, leading to your VA tax refund status money arriving much later than you want. Same with filing late: if you miss the deadline, then you’ll probably be flagged for an audit.

6. You Forgot to File Last Year
Did you just flat out miss filing your taxes last year? When you file this year, your tax return will probably be pulled aside for an audit. If you need your VA tax refund status money soon, then go ahead and take care of this now. You may just have to pay fees and interest on what you missed last year.

7. You Don’t Receive Confirmation
If you send your tax return in plenty of time but don’t receive confirmation from the tax office they got it, this could be because you’re being audited. The office will usually notify you either way, but if checking your return is taking a long time, they may not send one out. Because your return is delayed, it will also delay getting the money from your VA tax refund status.

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