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How long does it take to file a tax extension?

If you’re running out of time on your taxes, you may consider filing an income tax extension. This lets the IRS know that you’re not just skipping out on your taxes. You simply need more time! However, you may wonder exactly how long it takes to complete the tax extension form. Will it take all week? Can you knock it out in a few minutes? The difference could mean either getting the income tax extension form in on time or getting a nasty letter from the IRS! The answer depends on how you’re filing.

Filing Electronically If you’ve chosen to file your income tax extension form over the Internet, then this should take no time at all. The IRS even has a very handy link for you to follow on their website. It takes you to an electronic version of the income tax extension form. Simply fill this out and send it in. It really should only take a few minutes to do. Filing online is easily the quickest option when filing your form. Getting this in as soon as possible is key, as missing the deadline could mean large penalties and interest. The IRS will think you’re simply skipping out on your taxes! FileLater is a terrific tax extension resource for eletronic filing.

Filing By Mail Your other option to file your income tax extension form is to mail it in. You can get this from the IRS website as well. They have all the forms you’ll need this tax season. You should also be able to find it at your local library, post office, or tax office. Filing the income tax extension form through the mail takes a little bit more time. Not actually because there’s more info to provide, though. It has more to do with the time involved sending it in. First, you must either print it out or go find tax extension form in your community. Then, fill it out, which should take you just a few minutes. Now send it along in the envelope. This could take a few days up to a few weeks! If time is precious, you may want to reconsider filing your tax extension form online.

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