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DIY Income Tax Programs that Estimate Your Federal Tax Refund

DIY Income Tax Programs that Estimate Your Federal Tax Refund

There are a lot of programs out there to help you with your taxes and your refund status. Most of them do all the work for you. This can help if you have limited experience with taxes or just don’t want to bother with it.

However, if you’d rather do it yourself, there are program and websites for that as well. These programs and calculators merely assist you with your taxes. That way, you can do check for yourself you’re getting the IRS refund status you want.

Where To Go
If you’re going the DIY route to figure out your IRS refund status, there are a handful of websites you can visit. Simply do a search on your favorite search engine for ‘tax calculator’ or ‘tax estimator.’

These kinds of programs will help you calculate your refund status. Often, programs that do everything for you make your tax calculations seem like magic. But when you do your own tax calculations for your IRS refund status it can ease your mind that you’re getting all the deductions you want.

If you’d rather use a more structured program with a little of that behind-the-scenes tax calculating magic, check out a solution like These sites let you plug in important information such as income and tax witholding from your W-2’s and then calculates your tax refund status for you.

What To Do
The tax calculators are relatively simple to use. Make sure you have all your income information as well as deductions and expenses you want to claim. You must have receipts for all these to send in to the IRS, too. You don’t want a delay on your tax refund status!

Add all the information the tax calculators ask for. This will also include your filing status (married, single, etc.) as that will affect your IRS refund status. Now you can add and deduct various options to get the refund status you want. From there, calculate your taxes is no longer quit so mysterious!

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