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What is IRS tax form W-8?

What is IRS tax form W-8?

The W-8, or the W-8BEN IRS tax forms, is used when someone from another country has performed work in the United States. The 2010 IRS tax forms W-8 are also used by residents of the United States who have performed work outside the country. It’s important for these taxpayers to use the W-8 as it can provide them with certain exemptions. This can lead to a beneficial tax filing.

Filling It Form W-8
The W-8 IRS tax forms are broken up in to four parts.

Part one of these 2010 IRS tax forms is for identification. You enter your name, country of origin, “type of beneficial owner” and your mailing address in this section. The mailing address should be your permanent address.

The second section of the W-8 IRS tax forms provides information regarding any tax treaty benefits. Mark each box that is appropriate. When you encounter a blank line asking about your residency, fill in your country of origin.

If none of the tax treaty benefits apply, skip this section.

Part three of these 2010 IRS tax forms is very short. There is only one box to fill in. It asks if you provided the notional principal contacts that aren’t in a trade agreement with the United States. If you had income from a corporation that operates outside the United States and isn’t in the trade agreement, you need to provide that info. If you check the box, be sure to follow up on this.

The final part of these 2010 IRS tax forms requires you to sign your name and write down the date.

After Filling Out Form W-8
After you finish these 2010 IRS tax forms, you don’t send them off to the IRS. Instead, turn everything in to your withholding agent.

If you have any questions, talk to an international tax lawyer. They have special training in these matters. This form can be deceptively simple so be careful.

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