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Vital Dates to Mark on Your Calendar if you File a Tax Extension

Worried about when to file your tax extension? How about when you need to finish up your extended taxes or when to expect your W-2s? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a handy calendar for everything you need to remember this tax season.


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January 31st

Today is the day any companies you have worked for are required to send out your W-2s. It doesn’t mean you’ll get them this day, however. They could take a few days or even a few weeks to arrive. However, they must be sent out this day so you can start your taxes.

February 15th

Back in December, the IRS announced that they were updating their systems. This meant that taxpayers wanting to e-file with them had to wait to do so. The wait wasn’t quite as long as everyone had feared, as it was finally announced February 15th was the big day to go ahead and file away. It was originally scheduled for January 17th.

March 15th

If your business is a corporation, like an S-Corp or a C-Corp for example, then this is the day you need to file a tax extension for your business.

April 15th

This day is usually the day everyone fears as it’s the last day to get your tax information in to the IRS. This is not only the last day to file your return, you must have filed your extension by this date. If it’s later then April 15th, your tax extension form will be ignored. Make sure you get it in way before this day to make sure there are no problems. September 15th Some states only grant a 5 month tax extension. This means September 15th will be the last day you can finish your taxes. Make sure you get all your information together and sent in before this date to avoid further fees and penalties. October 15th Those with a 6 month tax extension need to have their tax returns filed by this date. This also includes states with 6 month state tax extensions. Again, make sure your tax return is completed well ahead of this date so you don’t incur fees. File as early as possible to avoid problems with your return.

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