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List: Where to File Sales Tax in All 50 States

Need to file your sales tax for your business? Find out where to go if you want to file online or how to get the forms you need to print out and send in yourself. We’ve also included addresses where you should send the forms, plus phone numbers and emails if you need further assistance.

Online payments for all taxes are done through ACH Debit Method Payments. To use it, you must be pre-approved by the Department of Revenue. Use Form EFT: 001.

Phone: 1-800-828-1727

Email: Use this form.

The state of Alaska does not collect sales tax. However, some cities and boroughs do, so make sure to check with your local government if you are unsure.

Arizona actually splits ‘sales tax’ into two separate things entirely. They are called the Transaction Privilege Tax and Use Tax. Some cities in Arizona collect their own sales tax. However, many do not. Check this non-program city chart to see if you live in a city that collects its own taxes.

If your city wasn’t listed, then the Arizona Department of Revenue handles your state taxes.

Website: AZTaxes


Arizona Department of Revenue

PO Box 29010

Phoenix, Arizona 85038-9010

Phone Number: 602-255-2060 or 1-800-843-7196

In Arkansas, you must request to file your sales tax forms. They will send you the form in 2 to 3 weeks.


Arkansas Sales and Use Tax Office

PO Box 1272

Little Rock, AR 72203

Phone: 501-682-7104

Board of Equalization Website


State Board of Equalization

PO Box 942879

Sacramento, CA 94279

Phone: 1-800-400-7115

Email: Email Form

Online Sales Tax Filing Service


Colorado Department of Revenue

1375 Sherman St.

Denver, CO. 80261

Phone: 303-238-7378

Find whichever sales tax forms you need at Connecticut Department of Revenue website. Also, they have a Direct Payment Permit that allows a business to purchase taxable goods and services without paying tax to the vendor and remit the correct use tax directly to the DRS.

Online Services


Department of Revenue Services

25 Sigourney St Ste 2

Hartford, CT 06106-5032

Phone: 860-297-5962

Email: [email protected]

The state of Delaware does not impose state or local sales tax. However, they do impose a gross receipts tax on the seller of goods or provider of services in the state. Find out more about that at the Gross Receipts Taxes website.

Before you start your business activities including sales tax, you must register with the state. You can do that at FilePay.


Florida Department of Revenue

5050 West Tennessee Street

Tallahassee, FL 32399-0100

Phone: 800-352-3671

Email: [email protected]

You can find the appropriate tax forms you need at their Sales and Use Tax Division website.


Georgia Department of Revenue

Taxpayer Services Division

1800 Century Blvd. NE

Atlanta, GA 30345


Phone: 1-877-423-6711

Email: [email protected]

The state of Hawaii does not have a sales tax. However, they have a gross receipts tax, called the General Excise Tax. Find forms and instructions for that at their Department of Taxation website.


Idaho State Tax Commission

PO Box 36

Boise, ID 83722-0410

Phone: 800-972-7660

Email: [email protected]

Illinois businesses can use their Sales Tax Web File for their payments.

Here is a list of the Illinois sales tax forms.

Phone: 800-732-8866


Illinois Department of Revenue

Retailers Occupation Tax Unit

Springfield, IL 62796-0001

Indiana business owners can submit their payments through the ePay system. Alternatively, you can find their forms online at the Sales Tax section of their website.

Phone: 317-233-4015


Indiana Department of Revenue

100 N. Senate Ave.

Indianapolis, IN 46204

Email: Use this form.

Use eFile & Pay to pay your Iowa sales tax. If you need the forms, you can find them on their Sales Tax Forms website.


Regarding Efile & Pay: [email protected]

Regarding Iowa Tax Forms: [email protected]


Iowa Department of Revenue

Hoover State Office Building

1305 E. Walnut

Des Moines, IA 50319


Iowa eFile & Pay: 515-281-8453

Order Iowa Forms: 515-281-7239

Kansas uses KS WebTax to electronically file sales tax forms. Here is also a list of all the forms on their website.

Phone: 785-368-8222

Email: [email protected]


Kansas Department of Revenue

915 SW Harrison Street

Topeka, KS 66625-5000

Kentucky businesses can use KY E-Tax to submit their sales tax forms. If you’d like to download them, however, you must know only certain forms are available online. The main forms, Kentucky Sales & Use Tax returns, are not available online or by fax. You must visit an office or call the below number.

Phone: 502-564-5170


Kentucky Department of Revenue

Sales and Tax Division

PO Box 191, Station 53

Frankfort, KY 40602-0181

Email: [email protected]

The state of Louisiana doesn’t have a dedicated site for their online filing of sales tax. Instead, they offer links to third party software. If you’d rather print out a form, they offer them all online.

Phone: 225-219-7462


Louisiana Department of Revenue

PO Box 3138

Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70821-3138

Email: Use this form.

The Maine tax office has set up I-File for your sales tax reporting needs. If your need the forms themselves, they are located directly on the tax office’s website.


Maine Revenue Services

PO Box 1065

Augusta, ME 04332-1065

Phone: 207-624-9693

Email: [email protected]

If you need to file your sales tax forms online in Maryland, use bFile. For forms and instructions, you can find them on the Comptroller website.

Baltimore Phone Number: 410-767-1300

Other Areas Phone Number: 1-800-492-1751


Comptroller of Maryland

Central Registration

Revenue Administration Center

Annapolis, MD 21411-0001

Email: [email protected]


Massachusetts hasn’t set up a dedicated website for filing online, but they provide a list of approved vendors. They do provide a list of sales tax forms for your convenience.


Massachusetts Department of Revenue

PO Box 7010

Boston, MA 02204

Phone: 617-887-6367

Email: Use this form.

Businesses in Michigan can use Business Taxes E-File for their sales tax forms. You can find the forms you need on their website.


If enclosing payment:

Michigan Department of Treasury

Department 78172

PO Box 78000

Detroit, MI 48278-0172

If requesting a credit:

Michigan Department of Treasury

PO Box 30779

Lansing, MI 48909

Phone: 517-373-3200

Email: [email protected]

Minnesota businesses can use e-File Minnesota to submit their sales tax information. You can find instructions and forms for sales tax on their website.


Minnesota Department of Revenue

600 North Robert Street

St. Paul, MN 55146-6330

Phone: 651-296-6181

Email: [email protected]

Mississippi’s online service for filing sales tax is called FileMS. If you need the forms instead, you can find them on their website.


Sales and Use Tax Bureau

PO Box 1033

Jackson, MS 39215

Phone: 601-923-7300

Email: Use this form.

Missouri has set up a system right on their website for filing sales tax. They also provide all the forms you need as well.


Missouri Department of Revenue

Taxation Division

PO Box 3350

Jefferson City, Missouri 65105-3350

Phone: 573-526-9938

Email: [email protected]

The state of Montana has no sales tax.

If you need to file your sales tax online in Nebraska, you can use their NebFile program. They also provide the forms you need right on their website.


Nebraska Department of Revenue

PO Box 98903

Lincoln, NE 68509-8903

Phone: 402-471-5729

Email: Use this form.

Businesses in Nevada can use NevadaTax to file their sales tax forms or visit the tax office website to obtain the proper forms.


State of Nevada ‘ Sales/Use

PO Box 52609

Phoenix, AZ 85072-2609


Carson City: 775-684-2000

Reno: 775-687-9999

Las Vegas: 702-486-2300

Henderson: 702-486-2300

New Hampshire
The state of New Hampshire has no sales tax.

New Jersey
You can find New Jersey’s online filing service at their Division of Taxation. Also provided is a list of sales tax forms.


State of New Jersey

New Jersey Division of Taxation

Information and Publications Branch

PO Box 281

Trenton, NJ 08695-0281

Phone: 609-292-6400

Email: [email protected]

New Mexico
New Mexico does not have a sales tax. They have a gross receipts tax instead. Find out more about that here.

New York
Businesses in New York can use Sales Tax Web File to report their sales tax info. They also provide the tax forms you need on their website.


NYS Tax Department

Sales Tax Registration Unit

W A Harriman Campus

Albany, NY 12227

Phone: 518-485-2889

North Carolina
The Department’s online filing system lets you file E-500, the Sales and Use Tax Return, online at your ease. Their Sales and Use forms can also be found for download at their website.


North Carolina Department of Revenue

PO Box 25000

Raleigh, NC 27640-0001

Phone: 877-252-3052

North Dakota
North Dakota sales tax Webfile is what businesses in the state can use if they want to file electronically. To download the forms and print them to send in manually, you can find them on the tax office website.


Office of State Tax Commissioner Sales & Special Taxes

600 E. Boulevard Ave. Dept 127

Bismarck, ND 58505-0599

Phone: 701-328-1246

Email: [email protected]

The state of Ohio requires businesses to efile their sales tax forms. They can be find at the Department of Taxation website.

Phone: 888-405-4039

Email: Use this form.

Those who operate a business in Oklahoma can use QuickTax to file their sales tax forms. They also provide the sales tax forms online at their website.


Oklahoma Tax Commission

PO Box 26850

Oklahoma City, OK 73126-0850

Phone: 405-521-3160

Email: [email protected]

The state of Oregon has no sales tax.

The state of Pennsylvania has set up PA.Direct.File for businesses to efile. They also provide the forms so you can print them out and send them in manually at their website.


Bureau of Business Trust Fund Taxes

PO Box 280901

Harrisburg, PA 17128-0901

Phone: 717-787-1064

Rhode Island
Rhode Island provides online filing of your sales taxes among other taxes online. The sales tax forms can also be found to print out and send in manually here.


State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations

Department of Revenue

Division of Taxation

One Capitol Hill

Providence, RI 02908

Phone: 401-574-8955

Email: [email protected]

South Carolina
The state of South Carolina provides a few vendors for you to choose from to file your sales tax forms. They also list all the forms you need on their website.


SC Department of Revenue

Sales Tax Return

Columbia, SC 29214-0101

Phone: 803-896-1420

Email: [email protected]

South Dakota
The state of South Dakota uses SDQuest to file sales tax forms electronically. You can also find the forms you need on their website.


South Dakota Department of Revenue & Regulation

Business Tax Division

445 E. Capitol Ave.

Pierre, SD 57501-3100

Phone: 1-800-829-9188

Email: [email protected]

There are a few options for businesses that want to file sales tax forms online. They can also find tax forms at their website.


Tennessee Department of Revenue

Andrew Jackson Building

500 Deaderick St.

Nashville, TN 37242

Phone: 877-250-2299

Email: [email protected]

Businesses in Texas can file sales tax forms through WebFile. All the sales and tax forms can also be found if you would rather download and print them to file them manually.


Comptroller of Public Accounts

PO Box 149355

Austin, TX 78714-9355

Phone: 800-252-5555

Email: [email protected]

If you need to file your sales tax forms online, you can do so at TaxExpress Online Services. You can find the sales tax forms to download and print under the ‘Sales’ tab at this page.


Utah State Tax Commission

210 N 1950 W

Salt Lake City, UT 84134

Phone: 801-297-2200

Email: Use this form.

VTBiz has been set up by the state of Vermont to pay your sales tax. Some, but not all, the forms are also available on their website.


Vermont Department of Taxes

PO Box 547

Montpelier, VT 05601-0547

Phone: 802-828-2551

Email: Use this form.

Businesses in Virginia can use their online service for businesses to file their sales tax forms. They are all also available online to download and print.


Virginia Department of Taxation

Virginia Retail Sales and Use Tax

PO Box 26626

Richmond, VA 23261-6626

Phone: 804-367-8037

Email: [email protected]

The state of Washington has set up an internal web service to file your sales tax forms. You can also find the forms and publications you need and print them out at your computer.


Washington State Department of Revenue

Taxpayer Account Administration

PO Box 47476

Olympia, WA 98504-7476

Phone: 1-800-647-7706

Email: Use this form.

Washington D.C.
Most of the tax forms you need to file your sales tax can be found on Washington D.C.’s website.


Office of Tax and Revenue

PO Box 96384

Washington, DC 20090-6384

Phone: 202-727-4829

Email: Correspondence options can be found at their website.

West Virginia
The state of West Virginia has listed many options for businesses to use for their sales tax forms. If you’d rather download and print them, you can find them at their website.


West Virginia State Tax Department

Internal Auditing Division

PO Box 1826

Charleston, WV 25327-1826

Phone: 304-558-3333

Email: [email protected]

Sales tax can be filed online in Wisconsin either through their website or an established third party. All the forms you need can also be found at their website.


Wisconsin Department of Revenue

PO Box 930389

Milwaukee, WI 53293-0389

Phone: 608-266-2776

The forms for sales tax can be found at this page under the Sales/Use Tax Returns tab.


Wyoming Department of Revenue

Herschler Bldg, 2nd Floor West

Cheyenne, WY 82002-0110

Phone: 307-777-7961

Email: [email protected]

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