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5 Reasons Your State Tax Return is Delayed

5 Reasons Your State Tax Return is Delayed

Though you might need the funds from your tax refund status right now, there very well may be some unexpected delays. In fact, there are a number of reasons why your state tax return could take longer than you think to arrive. Here are five of the more common reasons.

1. Your State May Be Strapped
For the past few years, the economy has hit individual states as hard as taxpayers. Back in 2009, some states even had to pay tax refunds late. This wasn’t because of some evil plot designed to make you forget about your tax refund status; they just didn’t have the money!

While the economy continues to grow and strengthen, some states may still have financial problems. If there’s an unexpected delay on your state tax refund, try not to get too mad. They may just not have the money at the moment.

2. You Waited Util the Last Minute
Tax season is busy enough as it is. However, the closer it gets to April 15th, the busier it gets for the folks at your state’s tax office. Just as you’re stressed out about your tax refund status, everyone down at the capitol is stressed out about getting them processed and handing out refunds.

Try and get your return filed as soon as possible to avoid delays. When you get all your W-2s, don’t file them away for later. Start doing them that day or that weekend. The faster you finish, the faster you can check your tax refund status and get those funds in your hand.

3. There’s a Hold on Your Account
Do you have student loans that are way past due? Maybe some alimony you forgot to pay over the year? Or how about child support that slipped your mind? Any of these can result in a note going on your account to funnel your tax  refund status money into the debt collection agency that requests it. Make sure you pay your bills on time so not to incur any delays or garnished refund status funds.

4. Errors on Your Return
One of the most common reasons there is a delay on your state tax return and refund status is that there was an error on the form. The error could be anything from a misspelled address to a major goof in your calculations. This could lead to your return being audited, a delayed tax refund status, and fees deducted from your return.

Go over your return at least twice to check for errors. Look at the spellings of words and redo calculations. This simple act can make sure there are no delays on your tax refund status.

5. You Fixed an Error
If you find an error on a tax return you already filed, you can fix it by filing a form 1040X. Unfortunately, rectifying an error can mean a delay with your tax refund status.

The best way to avoid this of course is to get everything right the first time! Make sure you go over your return and recalculate everything. Getting your return right before you send it in can result in no delays with your tax refund status.

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