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3 States in Danger of Postponing State Tax Refunds this Year

3 States in Danger of Postponing State Tax Refunds this Year
If you’re a resident of one of the below states, you may find yourself in a state of shock this tax season. These are three states that are in danger of having delays on their residents’ state tax refund status money! They’re all for different reasons, but all can cause a major headache when it happens to your state tax refund status.

1. Minnesota
The last couple weeks has seen Minnesota taxpayers experience some setbacks. Most of these were for people who e-filed to get their state tax refund status. While filing online is usually more reliable, there were some problems with their computer system. Apparently, an upgrade caused major delays on the state tax refund status funds.

Instead of direct deposits, they sent out paper checks. This meant instead of a few days to get the money from the state tax refund status, taxpayers had to wait a few weeks! It remains to be seen if it will happen again.

2. California
Last year, California was one of the states to enact a delay on taxpayers’ state tax return status funds. This was because they were having financial problems and this helped them to not go broke!

Taxpayers this year are naturally wary of when they might expect the money from their state tax refund status. So far, reports are that the state tax office is difficult to reach and it is taking longer than usual. Some people even report they are just disconnected when they try to call the office! It seems that California might be experiencing the same problems from last year.

3. New York
New York is another troublesome state when it comes to delays. Their money issues were so bad last year they almost went broke. They were almost $9 billion in debt and had to delay over $500 million worth of NY state tax refund status money.

The same story might happen again this year. The economy hasn’t bounced back that much and taxpayers could see another delay on their NY state tax refund status money. Some have already reported delays on the processing of their returns so it’s looking like it’s another rough year for New Yorkers and their state tax refund status.

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