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7 Warning Signs New York State Will Audit Your Tax Return

7 Warning Signs New York State Will Audit Your Tax Return
Worried about getting audited by the New York state tax office? It is worrisome for taxpayers as it can delay your NYS tax refund status money. If it’s really weighing heavily on your mind, there are actually a few warning signs you can look for.

1. You Miscalculated
Check your tax return again. Check all the calculations on the form again. Did you find any problems? Then you’re most likely going to have problems with your NYS tax refund status money. One rule to go by is if you didn’t check your return at least once, then you probably made a mistake. Check it again!

2. You Don’t Get Confirmation
Have a few weeks gone by and the tax office has not confirmed they received your return? That might mean they’ve chosen you for auditing. This could lead to a delay in your NYS tax refund status money.

3. Your Refund is Delayed
Maybe you got confirmation from the tax office they got your tax return. However, you wait by the mail box or check your bank account but there’s no money from your NYS tax refund status. This could also be a sign you’re getting audited. If they got your return but are taking a long time with your refund, they may be checking it for errors.

4. You Forgot Receipts
Another thing you can do to make sure you get audited is to fail to hang on to receipts in case the tax office double checks your work.. This is especially true if you’re claiming charity deductions. Tax offices are cracking down on false filings so make sure you can back up your deductions.

5. You Filed Too Early
Did you know tax officers have a quota to fill on audits? They have a certain amount they must check each tax season to make sure there are no problems. If you file really early, there’s a greater chance you’ll be randomly selected for an audit. This can delay your NYS tax refund status through no fault of your own.

6. You Filed Too Late
As opposed to filing too early, you can file too late to get an audit and delay your NYS tax refund status. If you miss the deadline to file, you will not only acquire fees and interest on what you owe, you will probably get audited as well.

7. You Forgot to File Last Year
Did it just slip your mind last year? You’re more than likely going to get hit with an audit this year. The tax office will take special care to make sure you got everything right on your forms. This can lead to a big delay on your NYS tax refund status, especially if you still owe money from last year.

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