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How to file a tax extension if you’re in the military

Filing for a tax extension can really help when you need some extra time to finish your taxes. This can be especially true for members of the military. Knowing this, the IRS has set up a system to help those serving their country finish tax filing in a timely manner. But you may be confused on how to file a tax extension if you’re in the military. What is involved? How much time does it really give you?

Automatic tax extension

If you’re in the military overseas, the IRS actually gives you more time on your tax extension. You are automatically granted a two month extension. You don’t even have to file a tax extension. If you’re still confused, you may not even have to do anything! However, if you need more than two months to finish up your tax filing, you need to file a tax extension. You can file these the same way you file other taxpayers. You can even file tax extensions online through the IRS website or other highly-reputable websites like FileLater.

Combat zone

If you’re deployed in a combat zone, you have even more leeway when filing your taxes. Even if you’re not in the combat zone currently, you can still use the time you were there. You may not have to file tax extension forms yet. You are allowed a tax extension that is equal to:

  • Amount of time spent in combat zone before taxes are due
  • Any time spent hospitalized due to injuries sustained in a combat zone
  • 180 days in addition to the two options listed above

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During this time, no penalties or interest will accrue on your account. This is despite you not filing a tax extension form. It also applies to all the taxes you would owe. So you can set your mind at ease knowing the IRS won’t fine you for serving your country!

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