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How to Get Your State Tax Refund as Quickly as Possible

How to Get Your State Tax Refund as Quickly as Possible

We all want the money from your tax refund status as quickly as we can get it. However, in today’s economy, you may really need it to cover unexpected bills or alleviate a sudden job loss. In this case, you want your state tax refund quick, and fortunately, there are a few options available to you:

E-filing is always faster than mailing in your tax return. Generally, you can get your tax refund status money in about ten days after e-filing. A paper return can bring a wait of three to four weeks, maybe even longer! And if there’s a problem, you can check your e-filing status in about 72 hours, while you usually have to wait several weeks in order to check the status of a paper tax return.

Another thing to consider is when you’re filing. Your best bet is to get your return in to your state tax offices as soon as possible. While they may not be quite as swamped as the IRS, they will still have a huge amount of work to do this tax season. If you wait too long, the backup will begin. This means a longer wait for your tax refund status money.

Waiting can also bring other headaches. A few years ago, North Carolina residents waited almost until the end of summer before they saw their tax refund status checks. Why the long wait? Because of the poor economy, the state had simply run out of money! No money at the tax office means no money for your refund status. Get yours in early to avoid these kind of delays.

Instant Money
If you really need your refund status money as soon as possible, you can try to get it through a tax preparation provider. Some companies will guarantee your state tax refund status and then advance you the funds.

After you fill out your tax return, the tax preparation business will either cut you a check or issue you a debit card. Because it’s an advance, there will be a percentage taken out of your tax refund. You can use the remainder for bills, food, or whatever else you need.

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