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How to Find Copies of Past State Tax Returns

How to Find Copies of Past State Tax Returns

Need copies of past tax returns? You may not only need IRS tax returns but also state tax returns. This could be because of a past error, an audit, or any number of reasons.

Well, you’re in luck. Not only can you easily acquire copies of past tax returns, they are very easy to come by. You can even find them online!

Visit the Website
One of the first places to check for your copies of past tax returns in your state is the state tax office. Often, they’ll have instructions for this very thing. This can include a form to fill out on their website to get the return or a phone number to call. They also can tell you which forms to fill out if you would rather mail in a request.

There may be a time limit on how long they keep the copies of past tax returns. For instance, California keeps theirs for 3.5 years. Anything further back than that and you may just be out of luck. Also, there could be a small fee attached. California charges $20, for example.

Tax Preparers
Did you use a tax preparation company or tax attorney for your taxes? Then you may be able to get copies of your past tax returns from your state through them. This is especially true if you used their online software. If you sign in to your account you can get the last few years’ returns right there on your computer. Simply print them out and you’re done.

If you didn’t use an online version of the preparation, try going into the office of the company you used. They may have the copies of past tax returns you need. Like the state tax office, though, they may have a time limit on how long they keep them.

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