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Who needs to file federal income tax form 1040A?

Who needs to file federal income tax form 1040A?

Until the 1040EZ was introduced, the 1040A was the ‘easy’ version of the 1040 federal tax forms. While not as quick and simple as the 1040EZ, the 1040A is still much simpler than the regular 1040. Many taxpayers are still able to use it and save time and energy. However, like the tax forms 1040EZ, there are some requirements you must meet if you want to use it.

Who Files These Tax Forms?
Individual taxpayers filling out their federal tax forms must use one of the 1040 tax forms. For the most part, those taxpayers who want to claim mostly simple deductions and report simple income can use the 1040A. Below is a more detailed list of the requirements for filing the 1040A federal tax forms.

Generally, the 1040 is for those wanting to claim itemized deductions instead of the standard deduction. The 1040EZ is for individuals and married couples with no children claiming simple income and no deductions.

Unlike the 1040EZ, you can claim married but filing separately on the 1040A federal tax forms. Also, you can claim dependents on the 1040A. If you’re 65 or over, you cannot use the 1040EZ, but can use the 1040A federal tax forms. Many of the restrictions are still valid, though.

  • Income is less than $100,000
  • Income is from wages, tips, salaries, taxable scholarships, grants, interest, unemployment compensation, ordinary dividends, capital gains distributions, IRA distributions, and social security and railroad retirement
  • Adjustments are only educator expenses, IRA deductions, tuition and fees deductions, and deductions for student loan interest
  • Credits claimed are only the work pay credit, child and dependent care expenses, child tax credit, education credits, and Earned Income Credit, government retiree credit, retirement savings contributions, or elderly and disabled care credit

If you fit under these requirements, you can use the 1040A federal tax forms! Keep in mind if you want to itemize your deductions, you cannot use the 1040A. You must use the 1040 in that case.

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