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How to File a Tax Extension Online

Do you often need to file a tax extension? Instead of going out to find the proper forms at your post office or library, you should consider whether to file tax extension electronically. This can save you time and headache. Then you can use your extra time to take proper care of your taxes.

But how do you go about the process to file tax extensions electronically? Is there one place to go or do you need to hunt around the Internet to file tax extensions?

One of the best places to go to file tax extensions electronically is through FileLater. They can take all the irritation out of filing your forms and make sure everything is correct. This is important as any errors when you file tax extensions can mean big problems from the IRS!

One great thing about FileLater is they can help you with both personal and business tax extensions. While you could go through the IRS for some of these features, if you need to file tax extensions electronically and take care of other tax issues you’d be out of luck. On top of that, your business tax extensions would take much longer. With FileLater, much of the work is taken care of.

What Do I Need?
You don’t need too much information to file a tax extension electronically. The main thing you’ll need is your personal information. This includes your name, address, and Social Security Number.

Now, you also need to calculate if you’ll be getting either a tax refund or if you will owe taxes. FileLater provides you with a handy tax calculator for this very purpose. Also, if you do in fact end up owing the IRS money, FileLater will show you how to make payments to avoid extra fees. You’ll do this after you file your tax extension electronically.

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