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Bizarre Excuses People Use to Avoid Paying the IRS

Bizarre Excuses People Use to Avoid Paying the IRS

Wish you didn’t have to pay taxes? Some people take it even further than just wishing. They simply make excuses why they don’t have to pay taxes! Unfortunately, these bizarre excuses are just that: excuses. Rest assured, no matter how well though out these arguments are, they do not apply!

Taxes are Voluntary
The argument here is that on the tax forms it says that taxes are ‘voluntary.’ Some non-taxpayers take this to mean that they don’t have to file taxes to the IRS if they don’t want to. People who pay taxes are just paying in to a system, much like sending money to a charitable organization.

However, they are simply misunderstanding the language. When the IRS tax forms say taxes are ‘voluntary,’ they mean the government doesn’t come after you to pay your taxes. You voluntarily fill out the forms and send them in, or you face stiff penalties.

Taxes are Unconstitutional
There are two parts to this one. In the 16th Amendment to the Constitution, it states that ‘no capitation, or other direct, Tax shall be laid” Some non-taxpayers understand that this means taxing people is unconstitutional. However, the 16th Amendment was further amended in 1916, allowing for income taxes.

Others say the amendment wasn’t properly ratified. However, this has been taken to the courts many times. They’ve side with the IRS every time. So if you’re thinking of using this argument, rest assured it’s already been knocked down several times!

Taxes Don’t Apply To Them
Another common argument against paying taxes is that the citizen is somehow exempt or special. One instance of this is they don’t ‘live in the United States’ proper. They say that only people who live in Washington D.C., Puerto Rico, Guam, and Indian Reservations have to pay taxes, because the other parts of the U.S. fall under the jurisdiction of individual states.

Others will argue that the 1st Amendment to the Constitution gives them the right to object to paying taxes to the IRS. Because the government might use the funds for programs to which they object, they shouldn’t have to pay for them.

Both of these are incorrect. Also, they’ve been taken to court and again, the IRS always won.  Your best bet? Pay your taxes on time and forget excuses.

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