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Step 1: Protection


Our experienced professionals will hear your case and provide you a free tax analysis showing you the best resolution to your problem, guaranteed.

Step 2: Investigation


Our Investigation process involves both the IRS and/or the appropriate State Taxing authority on your behalf in order to obtain a complete record of your account.

Step 3: Resolution


Our team is here for you and our goal is to not only fix your tax issues, but to keep you tax debt free in the future.

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Assistance From Tax Professionals

We’ve worked with over 50,000 clients to help resolve tax problems and resolved over $400 Million in tax liabilities. If you are in debt to the IRS, and back taxes are becoming a burden on your life, seeking assistance from professionals can help solve the issues. We understand the pressure you face and how to turn your situation around protecting your livelihood.


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Tax professionals can help if you owe money to the IRS. Regain peace of mind with a free consultation.