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NC State Refund

If you live in North Carolina you might be aware of the problems the state has had in the past with tax refunds. It may give you a reason to be worried if you’re getting your money this year. Luckily, there’s a way to check what your NC state refund status is so you can ease your mind.

Where To Go
You have several options when you want to check your NC state refund status. First, you can head to the North Carolina web site. They have set up a separate page on the site to check your NC state refund status.

If you’d rather hear a friendly voice, you can try calling them. The phone number for the NC state refund status checker is 877-252-4052.

If neither of those options fit your needs, you can try writing the tax office a physical letter. Their address is:

North Carolina Department of Revenue

Post Office Box 25000

Raleigh, North Carolina 27640-0640

What To Do
If you wish to use the website and the phone number, you need some information.

  • Social Security Number
  • Exact Amount Expected

Some states along require you to submit your filing status to get your state refund status. However, North Carolina forgoes this. Simply enter the info when prompted and you should receive your NC state refund status shortly.

When using the physical address, write them a letter requesting a form. They may direct you to use the phone number instead. Also, if you have any general questions or correspondence about your NC state refund status or anything else, write to this address. Keep in mind communication might be limited closer to tax time.

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