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How to Check Your Federal Tax Refund Status

How to Check Your Federal Tax Refund Status

Checking how your IRS refund status is faring has never been easier. In fact, many are unaware that the IRS website has a link on its main page for just this very thing.

If you head to their site, you’ll notice a box on the bottom left. It’s called ‘Online Services.’ Inside is the link you’re looking for. Find where it says ‘Check Your Refund’ and click the link to start your search for your IRS refund status.

Entering Your Information

On the next page you can read about the ‘Where’s My Refund?’ program. Notice there are a few things you need to have handy if you want to receive information about your IRS refund status. Make sure you have your Social Security Number or your Individual Taxpayer Identification Number.

Also, be sure to write down the exact amount you’re supposed to receive. If you don’t enter the EXACT amount you calculated on your tax forms, they cannot check your IRS refund status. Make sure you remember what your filing status was as well. If your marital status has recently changed, it doesn’t matter. You need to enter the status you filed with to receive your refund status.

Now that you’re ready, click on ‘Where’s My Refund?’ on this page. It will take you to the form to enter the information you gathered. If you’re unsure about any of the info you need, by the way, simply check your tax form.

After entering everything, click ‘Submit’ and you’re on your way to learning your IRS refund status!

How Long Does it Take?

Hopefully, you should learn something immediately. Often, your IRS refund status will be available right then and there. In fact, you may learn exactly what day you’ll be getting your money!

If there’s no update or the date on your IRS refund status is uncertain, you may have inquired too soon. Despite these processes becoming more and more streamlined, the IRS is still swamped every year. Give them a few weeks to catch up and check again. This is especially true if you filed closer to the April 15th deadline.

Also, if you mailed your tax form in, you may have a longer wait ahead of you. Give them a little time to catch up and inquire about your IRS refund status again.

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