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Can Breast Implants Be Claimed As A Tax Deduction?

Can Breast Implants Be Claimed As A Tax Deduction?

A question that has been coming up more and more often is whether breast implants or augmentations can be tax write offs. For most people the answer is no. That is, unless it is an extreme business deduction.

Chesty Love (yes, that was her business name) was an exotic dancer that wrote off her expense of having her breasts enlarged. As a professional stripper, she claimed it was a business expense since bigger breasts would lead to bigger tips. The IRS agreed and declared that her enlarged breasts were a stage prop essential to her act.

Before you start calling plastic surgeons in preparation for convenient write offs, know that to qualify in a similar fashion as Chesty, two conditions to deduct cosmetic surgery as a business must be met.

1. The breast enhancement must be required as a condition of employment.

2. It is unsuitable for everyday use.

Chesty underwent drastic breast augmentations that were an extreme degree (size 56N) and were directly related to her business. So most regular breast implants won’t meet the IRS’s qualifications for tax deductions. Plus who wants a surgery that is unsuitable for everyday use…ouch.

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