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Beware of Online Tax Filing Scams

Beware of Online Tax Filing Scams

It can be very stressful to prepare and file a tax return, whether you are using the traditional paper/mail method or filing your taxes online. This leads to many taxpayers looking for the easiest way to file. Unfortunately, it also leads to many online tax filing scams.

If you are interested in filing your taxes online you need to beware of potential scams. Thousands and thousands of people have been victimized by online scams over the years and you don’t want to be next! Even though the IRS does a great job of alerting the public of these scams, many people can still become prey.

So how do online tax filing scams work? Most of them have the same basic method of operation. They attract unsuspecting taxpayers by promising a free online tax filing service. Since many people are so anxious to save money, especially with the economic recession, they ignore the warning signs and don’t take the proper precautions.

Instead of offering free help, these scammers are actually stealing your refund as well as your personal information. These websites accept tax returns and then electronically submit them to the IRS through another provider. But along the way, they change the taxpayers’ bank account information to their own. Then when the tax refund is processed, it goes to the scammer ‘ not the person who deserves it.

With so many people filing taxes online it is safe to say that these scam artists will always have somebody to target. The best way to avoid online tax filing scams, such as the one detailed above, is to rely on a tax software provider that has a great reputation for quality.

Yes, this means that you may have to pay more for the tax preparation service. But remember this: in the long run you will have the peace of mind of knowing that everything was done right and that you are going to receive your refund. Why take a risk with a tax software company you have never heard of when there are so many others offering high quality services?

Don’t let potential online scams deter you from filing your taxes online. Many people opt against using the Internet for personal financial transactions because they are afraid of being targeted. There are many scams out there, but if you are smart about what you’re doing and you stay informed, you will be able to file your taxes online without becoming a victim.

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