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Why should I pay to file a tax extension when I can do it for free through the mail?

You’re having trouble getting all your tax information together. The deadline is approaching fast. It’s now time for you to file a tax extension form! But you may notice there are some companies out there that will file your tax extension forms for you. You can’t decide whether to go for one of them and pay a small fee, or to just do it yourself, for free. Are there any benefits to using a paid service to file your tax extension forms?

All-In-One If filing a tax extension was simple, there really wouldn't be a whole lot of reasons to use a paid service. However, there is more to filing for an extension than just sending in a simple form. For one, do you owe any taxes? While you’re filing for a tax extension, that doesn’t mean you get extra time to pay your taxes. It just means you get more time to fill out your tax return. If you don’t pay the taxes you owe on time, you’ll get hit with fines and interest. A paid service like FileLater will help you figure out what you owe with tax calculators so you can send the payment in with your tax extension form. They will help you get all your important info to the IRS so you don’t have any problems. But the biggest benefit to using a service is that you'll actually get confirmation that the IRS received, and accepted, your tax extension request. If you file one for free through the mail, you'll never hear anything from the IRS. So you won't know if your extension was received or even accepted or rejected.

State Taxes Have you thought about your state taxes yet? A tax extension service like FileLater can assist you in submitting your state tax extension forms. Many of these are actually automatic unless you fall into specific, rare categories. as a tax payer A tax extension service can let you know what to do depending on your state and situation. Also, many states also require you to pay your state taxes ahead of time like the IRS does. If you’re filing by yourself then you may not know how to go about submitting these payments or how much to submit. Your tax extension services can help you with this as well.

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