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5 Reasons your 2010 NC State Tax Refund is Delayed

5 Reasons your 2010 NC State Tax Refund is Delayed

Think you’re going to get your NC state refund status money on time? You may be in for a nasty surprise! In fact, there are several reasons why you will not get it when you think you will. Here are the top five.

1. You’re Being Audited
Not to be an alarmist, but one of the biggest reasons state refund status money is delayed is because the taxpayer is due for an audit. This could happen because you made a mistake on your tax form. Or, even more annoying, you could have just gotten “lucky” and been randomly selected. Either way, this means a delay in your NC state refund status.

2. The Office Is Swamped
Towards the end of the tax season, the tax offices usually become very busy. If you file closer towards April 15th rather than earlier, you could experience a delay on your tax refund status and your money. This is due to sheer volume. Most people tend to put off their taxes until it’s almost too late. This causes huge back-up in the state tax office!

3. You Changed Your Bank Info
Another common mistake people make is to change their bank account information after they file. If you put in for a direct deposit, then change your bank info, the money from your tax refund status can’t find its way into your account! Make sure your banking info is squared away before you file for your NC state refund status.

4. You Moved
Yet another silly yet common mistake taxpayers make is they move after they file their tax return and forget to leave a forwarding address. If they put in for a paper check to be sent to them from their tax refund status funds, it has nowhere to go. This will cause a major delay with the funds from your tax refund status as you’ll have to get it cancelled and sent out again.

5. The State is Broke
It may sound impossible, but, as NC taxpayers known from the long delays in 2009, sometimes the tax offices just don’t have the money to pay out! This could lead to a very big delay on your NC state refund status and your money. Luckily, the sooner you file, the less likely this is to occur. Also look out for letters from the state tax office as they will announce bad news in advance.

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