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3 Happy Surprises from the IRS

3 Happy Surprises from the IRS

Surprises from the IRS no doubt fill your head with thoughts of doom and destruction. However, this isn’t always the case! Sometimes, the IRS brings you a little light to your life in ways you would never imagine.

Here are 3 happy little surprises you might get’if you’re lucky.

1. Extra Refund
This is the ultimate happy surprise from the IRS ‘ a little extra refund! Usually the reverse is true – you hear from the IRS when they’ve found that you owe them money. When you find some extra money you’re owed, though, you need to call them up. It’s been known to happen, however, that the IRS will actually do the right thing and send you the money you’re owed with no effort from you!

2. Fast Audit
Oh no! You just got the notice in the mail that you’re being audited. You immediately start to sweat buckets and write up your will. However, not all is lost! You may be in for a surprise at how fast the audit process goes. The IRS checks your records, likes what it sees, and you live to pay taxes another year. You’re in and out in no time, heart attack averted.

3. They’ve Eased Up On Tax Liens
For years people have been complaining about this. If you owed over $5,000 to the IRS, they were likely to draw up a tax lien against you if you couldn’t pay it off fast enough. However, this year they’ve announced they are loosening the grip of this draconian tax law. Now, you can pay off your debts with less stress to your credit rating’and mind!

An envelope in the mail from the IRS is hardly ever a welcome surprise (unless it’s a refund check!), but you never know. The next time you see that black and white logo in your mailbox, you may just be getting lucky.

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