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2011 Tax Calendar

There are several dates to remember in this upcoming calendar year. They aren’t just for filing taxes, either. Make sure you keep up with these dates throughout the year. Next to the dates are the forms you’ll need to complete the tasks.

January 10
If you got more than $20 in tips during December, you need to report them to your employer. This tip reporting will happen every month on or around the 10th. You will use the same IRS tax forms.

The tax forms you need for this is Form 4070. It’s the Employee’s Report of Tips to Employer form.

January 17
This is the due date for the fourth installment of your 2010 quarterly estimated taxes. Only business owners who pay quarterly taxes and the self-employed need to worry about this date.

The IRS tax forms you will need are the 1040-ES tax forms. Fill these out and send both the tax forms and any payment to the IRS.

January 31
Business owners need to report certain payments made during the year. These payments include rent, royalties, cash payments over $10,000 and contract work.

You will use the 1099 tax forms to report these payments. Businesses will send the 1099-MISC tax forms to their independent contractors.

February 15
For individuals, if you claimed exemption from income tax withholding last year on the W-4, you must report it again. The IRS tax forms you need are the W-4 tax forms to report again.

For businesses, if you didn’t report your payments at the end of January, do so now. Use the 1099 tax forms to report certain payments.

March 15
Corporations need to file their income tax return and pay any tax due. You will use the 1120 tax forms for this. If you want to elect to become a corporation, use IRS tax forms 2553. Make sure you’re on time with this or it won’t go through until next year.

If you’re a partnership, you will also need the Schedule K-1 tax forms to report your partners’ taxes.

March 31
This is the deadline for businesses to file their 1099-MISC tax forms with the IRS.

April 18
This is the big day for everyone. Today is the day your taxes must be postmarked.

Individuals need to have their income tax returns filed and sent off. You will use the 1040 tax forms series. It could be the 1040, 1040A, or the 1040EZ tax forms. It depends on your filing status and other requirements.

If you file quarterly taxes, this is the first installment of the 2011 tax year. File with the 1040-ES IRS tax forms.

Businesses and corporations also need to file their taxes with the 1120 tax forms. Remember the K-1 tax forms for partnerships.

June 15
If you’re a citizen or resident alien living and working outside the US, now is the time to pay taxes and interest due. You will file with the 1040 IRS tax forms. If you need more time, file a 4868 Form. This extends it to October 17.

This also the second installment date for estimated tax in 2011. Use the 1040-ES to pay it.

September 15
If your corporation filed for an extension, now is the time to file your taxes. Use the 1120 tax forms to file.

For self employed taxpayers, today is the due date for your third installment of quarterly estimated taxes. Use the 1040-ES IRS tax forms to file them.

October 17
If you filed for an extension for your personal tax filing, today is the due date for those forms. Use the 1040, 1040A, or 1040EZ tax forms to file and pay any tax, interest, and penalties due.

For partnerships, if you filed for an extension for your taxes, then you must complete your IRS tax forms now. You need tax forms 1065B and the K-1 Schedules to finish what you need.

December 15
Businesses will pay the fourth installment of estimated income tax for the year. Corporations can grab the 1120 IRS tax forms and the 1120-W worksheet to complete this final tax task of the year.

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