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Where to Find 2010 Tax Forms Online

Instead of waiting at your local post office or venturing to the library, you can find the tax forms online, whatever you need. There are many places to find them, often for free.

Filling Them Out Yourself
One of the first places you can look for tax forms online is the IRS website itself.

There is a separate section on the upper left of the website dedicated just to the forms. The box is called ‘Forms and Publications.’ Inside you can fin not only the tax forms online you need but instructions as well. There’s also a link to follow if you need state tax forms online.

If navigating the site is too difficult, simply search on your favorite search engine. Enter the exact name of the form you need. It should be one of the top hits you get. The library of all tax forms offers to help you find the tax forms online you need via the IRS website.

After locating the correct tax forms online, simply print them out with the instructions (if needed) and fill them out. Send them in to the IRS when you’re done.

Getting Help
If you’d rather get assistance with filling out your tax forms online, consider a tax preparation website. Companies like H&R Block and Turbo Tax offer services to fill out your tax forms online. They can often find you more deductions and money than you could yourself. Also, a lot of the services are free!

The IRS website also has a free way to file your tax forms online. If you made $58,000 or less last year, you can use the ‘FreeFile.’ It does all the math for you and checks for accuracy. It also is set up less like a form and more like a question and answer session. Your answers will go on the correct form.

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