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Where can I find 2009 IRS tax forms?

If you still need some federal tax forms for whatever reason, you’re in luck. You can obtain any tax forms from 2009 or earlier in a few different ways. The best place to go first is the IRS website. They carry a database of all the federal tax forms you need, including from years past.

Finding The Forms
To find the federal tax forms online, simply head to the IRS website. They have a section called ‘Prior Year Forms.’ Simply click on the year you need, going all the way back to 1980. Now find the federal tax forms from the year you want and click on them.

Now, you can print the federal tax forms you requested from your computer. Or, some of them offer the option to fill them out online and then print them.

You may prefer to call the IRS to obtain the federal tax forms you need. For individuals, the number is 1-800-829-1040. If you’re calling for business tax forms, the number is 1-800-829-4933.

If you’re gathering these federal tax forms because you made an error, you also need the 1040X. The 1040X lets you make changes on past federal tax forms. However, it only works for changes up to three years in the past.

You may not need the old tax forms if you’re making a change. Often, the IRS will only require the 1040X. It includes all your info plus the changes you’re making. Notifying the IRS of the error before they notice can reduce your fees. It’s a good idea to fill this out as soon as you can. Although you may not need to fill out the old federal tax forms, you may need them for reference. If so, consult the guide above.

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